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Big Data Analytics 101

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This course provides a comprehensive introductory overview of the concept of Big Data and its technologies, architectures and management. Participants can reap the benefits of this course when planning Big Data projects and understanding the technology involved using different types of analytics such as descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning.

In-depth review will be given to actual use cases of five large international organizations on how analytics were used to provide insights from various data sources.

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Course duration: 7 hours
Course fee: RM225 RM60 (70% limited time discount)

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Learning outcome

  • 01.

    Understand the emergence and importance of Big Data Analytics

  • 02.

    Understand the tools, technologies, architectures and framework that are used in Big Data Analytics

  • 03.

    Apply new understanding in the planning stage of Big Data projects

  • 04.

    Ability to determine the viability of any Big Data projects

  • 05.

    Gain insight into how large organizations have solved business problems, reduce costs, enhance customer loyalty & experience, effectively gaining competitive advantage against their competitors, using Big Data Analytics