Executive Business Education

The Executive Business Education track is targeted at business executives and business users. The track provides a solid foundation in harnessing the power of Big Data and Analytics to help organizations seize strategic opportunities, gain deeper insights and deliver real business value.

Master Business Essentials To Make Better and Informed Business Decisions

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The goal of the Executive Business Education track is to help participants acquire a firm grounding in Big Data and Analytics and an in-depth understanding of how it can be applied across different areas of the business.

Participants will also learn how to implement data focused initiatives that can address critical business challenges and add real business value.

In addition to Big Data and Analytics, this track also helps participants achieve fluency in the language of business by developing deep-seated problem solving skills and the confidence to contribute to business discussions and decision making.

Learning outcome:

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;
  • Apply big data and analytics to reshape business model and operations
  • Implement data-focused initiatives that create and capture more value
  • Draw on Big Data to validate and influence organization’s long-term strategies
  • Apply economic principles to business decision making and learn how to build and interpret financial statements
  • Expand personal and professional network

Earn Certification​

Earn certification upon completion.

Courses Offered in This Track

1 – 3 days

4 days

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Executive Business Education