Enterprise Data Engineer

Effectively Build and Scale the Architecture and engine behind the AI-powered applications.

Master Architect of the AI-driven Ecosystem

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As important as the data scientist, data engineers build scalable, reliable data architecture, which is the fundamental of all future technologies.

Good algorithm models, good machine learning, and good AI are impossible without well-governed data pipelines in place.

A professional Data Engineer enables data-driven decision making by designing, building, operationalizing data processing system and architecture in an organization.

Learning outcome:

  • Learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, and automate data pipelines
  • Understand the landscape of machine learning and implement machine learning in business applications
  • Comprehend the principles, techniques, and practices relevant to JavaScript programming
  • Reveal the hidden treasures stored in nodes and relationships between databases
  • Provides sufficient knowledge and skill to the implementation of NoSQL databases
  • Able to maintain clean, accurate, and structured data for complex data analytics and machine learning applications
  • Move on to advanced analytics with data engineering

12 - 14 days of in depth learning

Face to face with experienced Data Scientist.

1x Capstone

Applied Learning with real world use cases.

CADS Certification​

Earn certification upon completion.

Learning Path

2 days

1 day

2 days

2 days

1 day

1 day

2 days

2 days

Track Pre-requisit

How This Track Program Works

Take Courses

Complete all 4 modules outlined in this track program that helps you master a skill

Complete Capstone

Apply learning with real world use cases to complete this track and earn a certificate

Earn a Certificate

Earn a certificate when you complete all courses and a capstone project

CADS Certification

EDE CADS Certified Enterprise Data Engineer

Certification information for this module & track will be made available soon.

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Enterprise Data Engineer