Discover And Develop Top Performers​

TalentSpy is the fastest way to identify and develop high potential candidates internally or externally


Successful organizations need highly capable people in Analytics, Data Science and AI. So, how do you find and develop the right talent when their skills are so difficult to identify and verify? 

Compounding the problem is the acute shortage of talent with this expertise. Suddenly, it can take months to find candidates, not to mention highly skilled and qualified talent. 

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Assess Potential Candidates

Assess Potential Candidates with a Standardized Skills Assessment so that you can validate the information on their job application and make an informed decision. 

Example – Both candidates look perfect on paper, but TalentSpy knowledge tests revealed that only candidate B should be interviewed. TalentSpy will help you reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. 

TalentSpy - The Center of Applied Data Science
TalentSpy - The Center of Applied Data Science

Assess In-house Employees

Assess In-house Employees to identify and grow existing talent and identify skills gaps.

Build Organizational Capacity

Build Organizational Capacity to ensure you have the talent needed to execute your evolving business strategies.


Journey into Human Capital Transformation with TalentSpy

Speak to our specialist on how we can help with your journey towards becoming a Data-Driven Organization with TalentSpy.

Download: IDC Whitepaper

Big Data Analytics Demand & Talent Review 2018​

See the market demand for jobs in Analytics and Data Science. Download the IDC Whitepaper on Big Data Analytics Demand and Talent Review 2018.