Is Your Organization Undergoing Rapid & Massive Digitalization?

Don’t just find talent, build them yourselves!

Rapid Digitalization Requires Top Talents with Data Analytics and AI Skills

Pivoting your business to incorporate more digital tools and systems requires major shifts in organizational practices and structures.

These shifts include new forms of technology architecture and data management, new approaches to management and operations, new organizational structures, and — most importantly — a new digitally-oriented culture, which must embrace Data Analytics and the ability to work with Artificial Intelligence as a core enterprise capability.

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Talent: The Missing Link in Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation projects do not fail because there is a shortage of Artificial Intelligence but a shortage of talent with the Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to execute these projects. While hiring external expertise may seem like a quick-win, there are still risks attached that could damage the organization.

According to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), a bad hire can result in:

  • Additional recruitment fees
  • Relocation and training for a replacement
  • A negative effect on team performance
  • Disruption of work and of projects
  • Lost customers
  • Weakened employer brand
  • Litigation fees

Robust talent assessments can not only help avoid these hassles but provide effective directions on strengthening internal skillsets.

Proactive talent solutions for successful talent management can include workforce planning, talent assessments, succession planning, roadmaps and leadership development, among others.

Investing in the right solution can lead to positive impacts such as:

  • Provides evidence-based proof of skills and talent potential
  • Better, streamlined candidate experience to gain trust and build rapport
  • Reduce bias in recruitment for impartial hiring
  • Improve hiring retention by making the best choice, thus reducing employee turnover
  • Support in precise decision-making that is data-driven
  • Improve candidate engagement, making for an impactful recruiting and hiring practice

Futureproof your business with Data Analytics and AI-based Talents

Empower your talent management and human capital development effort with AI-powered technology.

Struggling to find candidates with Data Analytics and AI expertise?

Predict and overcome talent shortfalls for your industry

People with in-demand skills such as Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can seem elusive to organizations who want to embark on their transformation journey.

Shortage of talent with these expertise are becoming a source of headaches for Human Capital recruiters. To stay relevant in IR4.0, employee acquisition, retention and engagement now requires a digital approach.

With an increasingly competitive job market, it can take months to find candidates, not to mention highly skilled and qualified talent.

So, how do you find and develop the right talent when their skills are so difficult to identify and verify?

TalentSpy is here to help.

TalentSpy is the fastest way to discover, validate and develop top talent internally and externally

Discover and develop Top Performers with AI & Data Skills

  • Identify top performers internally and externally in 30 minutes
  • Identify talent AI and Data Analytics skill gap
  • Tailor-made talent upskilling program
  • Verify Data Analytics & AI skillsets for new hires

Assess Potential Candidate

Assess Potential Candidates with a Standardized Skills Assessment so that you can validate the information on their job application and makes an informed decision. 

Example – Both candidates look perfect on paper, but Talentspy knowledge tests revealed that only candidate B should be interviewed. Talentspy will help you reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

Assess In-House Employees

Assess In-House Employees to identify and grow existing talent and identify skills gaps

Build Organizational Capacity

Build Organizational Capacity to ensure you have the talent needed to execute your evolving business strategies.


Journey into Human Capital Transformation with TalentSpy

Speak to our specialist on how we can help with your digital transformation journey towards becoming data-driven.

Download: IDC Whitepaper

Big Data Analytics Demand & Talent Review 2018​

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