TalentSpy for Education institutionS

Support Graduates in Leveling Up

Graduate Tracking Portal for Education Institutions

Equip today’s graduating students to meet future skills requirements.

New landscape for future workforce brings opportunities and risks.

Automation, emerging technologies, and digital disruption are the driving forces reshaping the nature of work. The skills for success in the workplace will continue to evolve as 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.

Globalization, rapid digitalization, changing lifestyles, and ever-changing consumer preferences accelerate the pace of change.

Such changes bring great opportunities but also higher risks that can reduce job security.

Graduates need to be willing and ready to continuously replenish new skill sets alongside technology know-how to keep up in a dynamic digital world.

Higher education institutions (HEIs) and further education and training (FET) providers are in the best positions to embrace more ways in helping their graduates adapt to the changing requirements of the workplace.

Champion the development of skills beyond degrees and subject matter. Graduates entering the workforce for the first time can feel overwhelmed.

Make the transition easier with support in helping to discover their true potential, plan for future, and spark their capacity and appetite for continuous lifelong learning.

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Make their talents shine through TalentSpy Talent Management System.

TalentSpy allows HEIs and FET to identify graduates’ data literacy quickly, track their data analytics and Artificial Intelligence skills, and offer upskilling programs for graduates to advance their careers after graduation.

Discover how TalentSpy can improve your graduates’ employability and engagement.

Improve chances of employability among graduates

Prepare graduates with one last round of skill-based tests before sending them out into the real working world.

Take a data-driven approach to future career development that identifies academic ability, determines organizational fit, and connects students with opportunities based on their results.

TalentSpy - The Center of Applied Data Science
TalentSpy - The Center of Applied Data Science

Pioneer a new frontier of lifelong digital learning

Pioneer a new frontier of lifelong digital learning. Empower the next generation of young tech talents with an education-based roadmap that readies them for future challenges in the workforce.

Maximize relationships with organizations by developing a multidimensional strategy designed to build highly capable, competitive, and career-focused individuals, thus forming a pipeline of exceptional talent.

Accurately reflect graduate’s know-how

More impactful than a letter or words of recommendations, Skill Verification supplements the knowledge acquired during university to ensure expectations by hiring managers are met and inspires them to make qualified hires.

Displays trustworthiness and strengthens academic qualifications by measuring them against benchmarks set by industry standards.

Discover how TalentSpy can improve your graduates’ employability and engagement.

Speak to a TalentSpy consultant for more details.