Get Accredited as Professional Technologists by Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT)

Earn the Professional Technologists Qualification that Sets You Apart from the other Tech Guys in IR 4.0

Inadequate tech skills cause workers to lose two hours every day, translating into 500 lost hours per year, or about USD$10 million per 1,000 employees.
83% of CIO’s state the lack of tech talent as one of the primary obstacles that impede enterprise goals. As a leader, you know you need to take critical action steps to address these gaps.


The future belongs to Professional Technologists from science, technology and engineering fields.

In what became a milestone for us in November 2019, The Center of Applied Data Science was appointed as a member of MBOT’s Technology Expert Panel (TEP), one of the Data Science Technology field represented. As such, our Analytics and Data Science training tracks as well as our Data Star Programme were given professional accreditation by MBOT’s Technology and Technical Accreditation Council (TTAC).

The appointment will help us play a key role in further developing the Data, Analytics, and AI landscape in Malaysia. This includes recognizing your skills as Professional Technologists, bearing the abbreviated title Ts before your name with industry acceptance, and open doors to future opportunities in career elevation across industries within the technology space. 

About Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT)


In line with the 2050 National Transformation Plan (TN50) and keeping up with Industry 4.0 developments, the Government of Malaysia aims to create a high caliber workforce that is able to compete in today’s highly competitive and globalised world. Establishment of the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT) in 2017 through Technologists and Technicians Act 2015 (Parliament Act 768) is an initiative in this direction.

The MBOT is tasked to register, recognize and certify technologists, technicians and graduates possessing relevant skills as professionals, thereby contributing towards the creation of a skilled workforce across 21 sectors. Currently, the MBOT is setting up a training and teaching syllabus to enable 30,000 technicians and technologists to be recognized as professionals.


The establishment of MBOT is a result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Works.

Source: Daily Express

MBOT currently recognizes 23 Technology and Technical Fields which are the in line with the key drivers of Industry 4.0 and the National Transformation 2050 agenda. (Source: MBOT Bulletin 9th Edition, 2020)

The Technology and Technical Fields include: 

  1. Electrical & Electronics Technology (EE)
  2. Information & Computing Technology (IT)
  3. Chemical Technology (CM)
  4. Telecommunication & Broadcasting Technology (TB)
  5. Building and Construction Technology (BC)
  6. Biotechnology (BT)
  7. Green Technology (GT)
  8. Manufacturing & Industrial Technology (ME)
  9. Agro-based Technology (AF)
  10. Transportation & Logistics Technology (TL)
  11. Material Technology (MT)
  12. Marine Technology (MR)
  13. Maritime Technology (MI)
  14. Resource Based, Survey & Geomatics Technology (RG)
  15. Food Technology (FT)
  16. Oil & Gas Technology (OG)
  17. Automotive Technology (AT)
  18. Aerospace & Aviation Technology (AV)
  19. Nano Technology (NT)
  20. Nuclear & Radiological Technology (NR)
  21. Art Design & Creative Multimedia Technology (AM)
  22. Cyber Security Technology (CS)
  23. Atmospheric Science and Environment Technology (AC)

Claim Your Credential as Professional Technologist (Ts.) from MBOT

If you are working in any of the fields above, we would encourage you to register yourself and be recognized by MBOT.

Over 20,000 technologists have registered themselves under MBOT, you should not miss out too!

This Professional Technologist (Ts) title is renewal annually with a fee of RM200 subject to fulfilling 30 CPD hours endorsed by MBOT.

Note: Refer to MBOT Website for the latest pricing. 

Please be informed that the professional assessment fees are claimable under the HRDF OJT scheme (Click here for the HRDF Claimable FAQ). 

Programs Accredited by MBOT from The Center of Applied Data Science

Now you can carry the title of Professional Technologist (Ts.) after completing 30 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours of training at CADS.

If you have registered as an MBOT member, you can earn CPD points that contribute to the maintenance of MBOT certification status with CADS.

If you are keen to know more, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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