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Professional Development & Upskilling Programs for Insurance Industry

Level Up by Leveraging Big Data and AI Technologies

"Insurers collect a wealth of data, but few have found a way to monetize this asset."

- McKinsey

The digitalization of the insurance industry is going to change pace fast. Incumbents who do not keep up with the rapid changes powered by big data, robotic automation, and artificial intelligence will lag and lose out to futuristic InsurTech companies.

Companies that can explore, make sense of, and act on data insights can predict the business outcomes and formulate strategies to act upon it.

Futureproof your insurance business, tap into the massive amount of consumer data to unlock business fortune.

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For Organizations

Take The Journey To Futureproof The Workforce

Data Driven Organization™

Identify & align organization to become Data Driven

Build a Digital Competitive Advantage with Data Driven Organization™. Benchmark capabilities against best practices. Identify and align organization towards becoming a Data Driven Organization.

Talentspy Enterprise

Evaluate workforce capacity and build new capability

Workforce capacity and capability building for your business needs. This journey starts with evaluating organizational skills inventory on data literacy to optimize resources with appropriate upskilling.

Virtual Workshop

Join a program catered for Middle & Senior Leaders

Join a virtual classroom with Prof. Dennis of Harvard Business School in a program catered for Top & Middle management and embark on a journey to futureproof your workforce Data Literacy.

For Insurance Professionals

Future-proof your skills and career with the following programmes

For Industry Veterans, C-Level Executives, and Board of Directors


Shorter Meetings: Better Decisions.

Turn a 4-hour board meeting into a 30 minute one. Learn to expect more from presenters in terms of story, visual, impact, and insight.

Fee: RM1,500 per person or RM10,080 per 15-pax group (Online Instructor-led) or, RM13,500 per in-house session (max 15 pax).

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MBA in Business Analytics

A 12-month MBA conducted by a world-class university (Swiss School of Management) that changes the way you see and operate your career and business in the next decade.

The program is tailor-made for executives and experts, entrepreneurs, and innovative managers, aspiring to obtain an official Swiss Master’s degree without interrupting their professional career.

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For Agency Leaders and Experienced Insurance and Actuary Professionals

Enterprise Data Practitioner

Tell a better story to leave a lasting impact with Enterprise Data Practitioner (EDP) 8-day program. Complete an Insurance related Capstone Project to showcase your competency.

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Fee: RM3,780 per person, exclusive for MII Members.

Data Visualization for Business Intelligence

Persuade and influence your audiences with visualization of financial data.

Learn the foundations of data visualization through the use of a popular BI tool, Tableau. Participants will learn how to create basic visualizations and even perform simple data analytics through Tableau’s Interface.

Introduction to Programming

Learn how to think like a programmer by breaking big problems into smaller ones and converting these byte-sized problems into code. Learn Python programming from scratch with hands-on exercises.

Develop your own algorithm to solve insurance-related business challenges.

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For Young, Aspiring Insurance Professionals

Data Storytelling

Unlock the true potential of data insights.

Learn to meaningfully articulate findings through both narrative and visual strategies. This module will enable participants to drive change through effective communication of data insights.

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Big Data Analytics 101

Master the fundamentals of Big Data Analytics and its various business applications with Big Data Analytics 101.

Complete the program online in 4-7 hours at your own pace. Earn a certificate at the end of this program.

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Fee: USD15

Introduction to Data Science

Learn the concepts, techniques, and tools needed to deal with various facets of data science practice, including data collection and integration, exploratory data analysis, evaluation of data insights, and effective communication of data insights.

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What Our Alumni Say

"This training do enhance my career development as I currently working in a Big Data team which is a new thing to me since I have never been exposed to Big Data during my study time at university."
Irfan Farhan
Data Analyst Intern
"The training itself has benefited me enormously, and has allowed me to transition from someone who is almost wholly soft skill reliant, and developed my technical repertoire of skills."
Mohamad Haziq
Financial Adviser
"We were introduced with programming languages, analytical methods and machine learning algorithm that are essentials as a data analyst/scientist. At work, I have created line of codes that reduces equipment duplication and ultimately reduce client's operational cost."
Fahmi Khairul Azmi
Associate Executive – Analyst

What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our clients about our Data Driven Organization™ engagement and Data Literacy programs.

"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Fortune 500 Company
"The program helps reducing dependency on vendor for low risk tasks within shorter time and the participants are able to introduce automation in their daily task, which substantially reduce manual work and time required to complete task!"
Global Oil & Gas Company

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