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Online Workshop for Senior Leaders & Board Members

Data Story-Listening

Shorter Meetings: Better Decisions. Turn a 4-hour board meeting into a 30-minute one.

Data Story-Listening is a quick workshop on effectively listening to a data story and how to expect more from presenters to make informed decisions.

It is suited for busy high-level decision makers who need to take in information quickly and accurately. The curriculum covers the impact of presentation processes, understanding visuals, and effective questioning.

Data Story-Listening skills enable you to make a better data-driven decision. Business leaders with strong data literacy skills can spend more time improving business execution and less time in decision-making.

This program is for Senior Leaders & Board Members.

Learning outcome;

  1. Understand the metrics, values, and process of the creation and communication of insight into action
  2. Comprehending standard data science graphics including: Scatterplots, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Area Maps, Stacked Bar charts, and Impact Metrics
  3. Asking pertinent questions that get to the heart of making a decision based on data

Online Instructor-Led Training: USD 350 USD 315 per person

In-house Training for Organizations(Client venue): USD 1,700 USD 1,530 per session (up to 20 pax per session) 

In-house Training for Organizations(CADS venue): USD 2,400 USD2,160 per session (up to 20 pax per session) 

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