Master Data To Solve Your Business Problems and Accelerate Business Growth

Master data science to solve business problems and accelerate growth.
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Business leaders in the digital age Master Data science and Learn from the best to accelerate business growth

Whether businesses of today realize it or not, the reality is that everything is connected by data, understood with analytics, and automated with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Please don’t take our word for us, but take heed that big companies such as Walmart, Skywise, and Tik Tok have solved their business problems and even created new opportunities for themselves by being masters of the data they generate and own.

These businesses take pride in their data and user data to create and capture business value to sustain their business and build resilience in 2021. 

Walmart: Driving innovation in retail with big data analytics

“We want to know what every product in the world is. We want to know who every person in the world is. And we want to have the ability to connect them in a transaction.”

Technology expert Bernard Marr highlighted some of the wins Walmart has scored thanks to leveraging big data on his website. For example, the retail giant is improving customer experience with ‘Scan and Go’ shopping, where pharmacy and money services customers can bypass regular queues and shop faster. 

Walmart also has Pick-up Towers in some stores, namely self-service kiosks at the store entrance, to retrieve customers’ online orders for them. Customers scan the barcodes on their online receipts, and their product appears on a conveyor belt in less than a minute. Needless to say, customer feedback has been positive. 


Skywise: Transforming the aviation industry by leveraging data

Even the aviation industry is tapping into data to promote efficiency, boost productivity, and drive innovation. The millions of terabytes of information generated by airplanes are used to perform predictive analysis and manage timely maintenance programs that keep airlines operating safely, making customers happy. Such technology has saved millions of dollars and dramatically improved airlines’ yield.

For instance, Skywise, which transformed its services by providing an analytics platform, supporting the aviation industry with real-time data to facilitate aircraft maintenance, provide dynamic inventory management, connect the supply chain to drive operational performance and business results for global airlines.

Skywise improved the production of A350s by 33%. Easyjet reportedly reduced its downtime by 20%, utilizing predictive maintenance systems offered by Skywise. Skywise’s system is known for its state-of-art ability that provides analytical insights to support aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul the industry.

TikTok: The driver of future AI-powered social media

Tik Tok has overtaken Facebook and Instagram downloads combined and successfully emerged as the world’s most downloaded application. Its progressive recommendation system has TikTok users hooked on the application, inspiring creators to produce innovative and engaging videos.

It is Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can identify consumer preferences without needing users to enter any data. The system incorporates virtual reality and provides enhancement suggestions to content creators. Content creators can add music, hashtags, filters, raindrops, cute emojis, and more to make their videos more engaging and viral.

TikTok fully utilizes machine learning to analyze its users’ interests and preferences. On a personal level, TikTok personalizes your feeds by showing you the content you want to view. The more you interact with the app, the more detailed and precise the recommendations are.

How CADS can help your business get where you want it to go

We encourage the leaders of companies pursuing a data strategy to ask themselves the following: 

• Do I have a data strategy in place to drive digital transformation?

• Do I have the Talent and Skills to implement the solution?

• Do I have a data-driven strategy to support my business within the next 5-10 years?

• Will this big solution work with what I already have?

• What is my success roadmap?

At The Center for Applied Data Science (CADS), we help elevate companies towards their goals. We help you to:

  • Identify data-driven strategies before you start building the AI systems and applications that work for your company
  • Tap into the wealth of skills and talents of your existing workforce. Work smarter to stay competitive while improving business productivity. All these can be done by tapping into business insights and predict business results
  • Build a talent pipeline to futureproof your workforce
  • Accelerate digitalization with AI-powered workforce planning and management system
Initiate a quick chat with our friendly consultants to kick-start your Data-Driven Organization development journey. 

Visit for more info.

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MBA in Business Analytics
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