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Data Professional Recognition as Professional Technologist.

MBOT Professional Technologist (Ts)

In what became a milestone for us in November 2019, CADS was appointed as a member of MBOT’s Technology Expert Panel (TEP), the first and only specialist of the Data Science Technology field represented.

As such, our Analytics and Data Science training tracks as well as our Data Star Programme were given professional accreditation by MBOT’s Technology and Technical Accreditation Council (TTAC).


The appointment will help us play a key role in further developing the Data, Analytics and AI landscape in Malaysia.

This includes recognizing your skills as Professional Technologists, bearing the abbreviated title Ts before your name with industry acceptance, and open doors to future opportunities in career elevation across industries within the technology space. 

Register your interest to be accredited as a Professional Technologist today. We will get back to you soon on the next steps.

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