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Hire a Data Star:
Top Talents in Data, Analytics and AI.

  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer

Data Star: The Next Data Professional

Data Star is a fast-track program designed by CADS to empower young graduates with Data Science, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence skills with industry job placements for real-world experience.

The program is an opportunity for organizations to carry-out risk-free recruitment of analytically minded and highly talented Junior Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers.

Data Star program is in partnership with Protege, giving you Double Tax Deduction benefit with a 12-month placement program.

Unbeatable Hiring Benefit

Zero Hiring Fee

Schedule your Interview - shortlist - and hire from the best pool of talent

Existing Talent

Get access to existing top talents ready to be placed immediatly

Double Tax Benefit

Claim Double Tax Deduction via Protege Ready To Work program

hire a datastar - success story

Why hire a Data Star?

  • Data Star program is in partnership with Protege Ready To Work Program, giving you unbeatable Double Tax Deduction benefit for hiring Data Star graduates
  • Data Star candidates have been competitively vetted and selected from thousands of applicants
  • Each candidate have had their skills assessed and verified by CADS' proprietary Skills Verification
  • The program provides intensive Data Science enablement training & mentorship with experienced Data Scientists
  • 249 Data Stars graduated in the past has proven to be highly in demand and hired by various leading organizations.
  • CADS have been driving National Agenda in preparing talent for future market since 2014, upskilled over 5,000 talents including 249 Data Stars, and placed all Data Stars into the national workforce

Hiring Duration & Requirement

  • The industry placement must be on a minimum period of 12 months (full time or contract)
  • Minimum salary to be offered is RM3,000 per Data Star graduate
  • The scope of work undertaken by the Data Star graduate must be relevant to data science, business analytics, and artificial intelligence

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