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Future-proof your skills and career in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Join thousands of other professionals with CADS Certification. Strengthen your learning, earning and career potential by enrolling in an expertise-driven Big Data Analytics course, or verify your data literacy skills and get certified with CADS Certification. Stand apart from competing candidates in a competitive job market.

3 hours Online Course

Big Data Analytics 101

The first big leap in your Data journey starts here. Big Data Analytics 101 provides a comprehensive introductory overview of Big Data and its technologies.

Online Exam

Skill Verification

Just took an online course? Verify your skills. Ensure that your professional skill set and expertise are reflected as accurately as possible.

Online Exam

CADS Certification

An industry-recognized, globally respected qualification in Data Analytics & AI. Join thousands of other data professionals with CADS Certification.


What Our Students Say

"This training do enhance my career development as I currently working in a Big Data team which is a new thing to me since I have never been exposed to Big Data during my study time at university."
Irfan Farhan
Data Analyst Intern
"The training itself has benefited me enormously, and has allowed me to transition from someone who is almost wholly soft skill reliant, and developed my technical repertoire of skills."
Mohamad Haziq
Financial Adviser
"We were introduced with programming languages, analytical methods and machine learning algorithm that are essentials as a data analyst/scientist. At work, I have created line of codes that reduces equipment duplication and ultimately reduce client's operational cost."
Fahmi Khairul Azmi
Associate Executive – Analyst
Learning outcome
  • 01.

    Understand the emergence and importance of Big Data Analytics

  • 02.

    Understand the tools, technologies, architectures and framework that are used in Big Data Analytics

  • 03.

    Apply new understanding in the planning stage of Big Data projects

  • 04.

    Ability to determine the viability of any Big Data projects

  • 05.

    Gain insight into how large organizations have solved business problems, reduce costs, enhance customer loyalty & experience, effectively gaining competitive advantage against their competitors, using Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics 101

3 hours online course

Join over 1,000 learners who have enrolled since March 2020. Take the first big leap in your Data journey.

This course provides a comprehensive introductory overview of the concept of Big Data and its technologies, architectures and management. Participants can reap the benefits of this course when planning Big Data projects and understanding the technology involved using different types of analytics such as descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning.

In-depth review will be given to actual use cases of five large international organizations on how analytics were used to provide insights from various data sources.

Earn certificate upon completion of this program.

Course duration: 3 hours
Course fee: USD50 USD15 (limited time only)

Skill Verification

Put your data skills to the test with CADS 30-technical-skills library. Discover your Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence skill level in 60 minutes.

Verification Fee: USD100 USD25 (limited time only)

Know where you stand

Know your strength and see where you stand

Identify your skill gap

Find your weakness to fill the gap

Customized learning roadmap

Get a customized learning roadmap based on your skill level

Verify in 60 minutes

Discover your skill level in 60 minutes.

CADS Certifications - AEDA

CADS Certification

Join thousands of other professionals with CADS Certification. Choose from a variety of certifications that any respected Data Professional and Practitioner needs to land their dream job and impress employers.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the gateway to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. If you know how to train a model with supervised learning algorithms like linear regression and classification, we say prove it!

CADS Data Science Certifications: Machine Learning

Machine Learning (Combo)

Exam fee: USD50

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Exam fee: USD50

Supervised Machine Learning

Exam fee: USD50


Python has become a key driver in the explosion of big data analytics and machine intelligence across most industries. Given its versatility and applicability to data analysis, it has become the tool of choice for most industries. This certification will require knowledge in data types, collections, function and control structures.

Python (Combo)

Exam fee: USD40

Python for Analytics - Basic

Exam fee: USD40

Python for Analytics - Advanced

Exam fee: USD40

R for Analytics

As one of the world’s top data science tools, R provides a robust environment for tabulating, analysing and visualising data. Demonstrate your mastery of the programming language that has become a powerhouse for business intelligence and big data analytics. This certification entails familiarity with different data types and their operation, connecting relational databases through R and results reporting in Markdown and Shiny.

R for Analytics

Exam fee: USD40

Relational Database Design & SQL

Relational databases store just about everything. They have become essential for modern business. The ability to design efficient relational systems and query them for data is an in-demand skill that can take you anywhere. CAD SQL and Relational database design certifications certify and test your knowledge in SQL; statements, syntax, join statements; as well as database structure and DDL. If you’re whole life is normalized, show us.

RDD (Combo)

Exam fee: USD45

Relational Database Design

Exam fee: USD45

SQL Essential

Exam fee: USD45


Statistics are changing the face of business; allowing greater degrees of accurate decision making with less resources and less time. Knowledge of sampling, probability theory, distributions, and graphical representations will be at the core of the data science revolution. CADS joint certification (Descriptive and Inferential statistics) certifies conceptual mastery of statistical analyses. If you have 95% confidence that your mean is within the 95-99th percentile of test takers, get certified today.

Statistics (Combo)

Exam fee: USD45

Descriptive Statistics

Exam fee: USD45

Inferential Statistics​

Exam fee: USD45

CADS Skill Verification & Certification Process


Step 1 - Select Certification or Skill Exam

Select a certification that works for you.


Step 2 - Make Payment

Complete your payment. We accept credit card payment via Stripe.


Step 3 - Select Test Date

Upon completion of payment, you will be redirected to a page to book your test date. Select a test date that works best for you. All tests are available on Monday to Friday at 12.00 pm (GMT +8).


Step 4 - Receive an Invite

You will receive an invitation to your exam through TalentSpy on your selected date at 12.00 pm (GMT +8).


Step 5 - Official Results

For certification, your result will be available at Talent Spy portal right after you completed the assessment.

For skill verification, your result will be send to your registered email within next 5 business days.


Step 6 - Outcome

For certification, you will receive one of the three passing outcomes below:

a. Bronze passing mark
b. Silver mark, exemplary knowledge in the field
c. Gold mark, expert level knowledge and skill in the field

CADS will send your certificate to your registered email address within next 5 business days of test completion.


Most frequent questions and answers

You will receive an invitation to your exam through TalentSpy on your selected date at 12.00 pm (GMT +8) and you will have 24 hours to complete the exam. Upon commencement of the exam, you will 60 minutes to complete the skill verification, 20 minutes to complete certification.

TalentSpy is a conceptual framework to help users explore the various data science roles and to uncover their own data science profile type.

Yes you can. But, you are only eligible to do so 1 month after a previous attempt. You are welcome to sit for a different exam.

The CADS is not responsible for technical failures such as lack of internet connectivity etc. If there is a failure within TalentSpy certification, contact ; If there is a failure within TalentSpy skill verification, contact ;  and an alternative time can be scheduled. Expect a response between 9am and 5pm GMT +8 the following business day and include your confirmation number. Best practise for examination day includes taking the exam in a quiet place with a secure internet connection and after a good night’s rest.

TalentSpy is not configured for Internet Explorer and smart phone. Test can be completed using the following browsers on desktop;

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Mozilla Firefox

Yes. However, requests for withdrawal will not be eligible for a refund if received less than 48hrs before the scheduled testing time. Rescheduling must be requested at least 24 hrs prior to the scheduled testing date.  Both/either request should be emailed to and a response should be expected between 9am and 5pm +8 GMT.

Each module exam tests different essential skills for a Data Professional and thus each certification is priced differently, though the range is between USD40 and USD80.

CADS certification exams are multiple choice and each question is selected from large pool of exam questions created and vetted by our in house team of data professionals and instructors. Incorrect answers are penalized -.25 points. Please be aware if you are trying to understand your exam score.

CADS Certifications are valid for 3 years. The fields of Data Science and Data Analytics are rapidly changing and our requirements for certification does too.

Evaluate Workforce Capacity And Build New Capability​

What is happening globally now might be just a coincidence BUT it fast-forwards the sense of urgency to expedite digital transformation as a whole along with workforce data readiness during and post-crisis.

Industry 4.0 is about to change the traditional business model, if it hasn’t already. Hence, it is no longer an option for businesses to run based on people’s current skills without preparing them to be ready for the inevitable digital change. The workforce needs to let go of repetitive and obsolete tasks and instead adopt the smartest way to get a job done. Efficiency is key to the new business.

Organizations need to future-proof the workforce to have a sustainable business

According to Future of Jobs survey 2018 by World Economic Forum, by 2022*;

1 %
Employees will require significant re- & up-skilling​
1 %
Employees will seek to automate work tasks​
1 %
Employees will be new hire possessing skills relevant to new technologies​

*Source: Future of Jobs survey 2018, WEF

Take The Journey To Futureproof The Workforce

Our Augmented Strategy and tools help business leaders like you achieve your mission-critical priorities and position your organization for sustainability and growth by ensuring people-readiness.

Data Driven Organization™

Identify & align organization to become Data Driven

Build a Digital Competitive Advantage with Data Driven Organization™. Benchmark capabilities against best practices. Identify and align organization towards becoming a Data Driven Organization.

Talentspy Enterprise

Evaluate workforce capacity and build new capability

Workforce capacity and capability building for your business needs. This journey starts with evaluating organizational skills inventory on data literacy to optimize resources with appropriate upskilling.

Virtual Workshop

Join a program catered for Middle & Senior Leaders

Join a virtual classroom with Prof. Dennis of Harvard Business School in a program catered for Top & Middle management and embark on a journey to futureproof your workforce Data Literacy.

Ready To Take This Journey?


What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our clients about our Data Driven Organization™ engagement and Data Literacy programs.

"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Fortune 500 Company
"The program helps reducing dependency on vendor for low risk tasks within shorter time and the participants are able to introduce automation in their daily task, which substantially reduce manual work and time required to complete task!"
Global Oil & Gas Company

Overcome The Challenges To Achieve The Expected Business Outcome

Our Workforce Augmented strategy looks into workforce capacity and capability building for business needs to help you overcome the challenges to achieve the expected business outcome. 

What this journey would look like:

Understand the current organizational Data Literacy skills inventory; Formulate learning journey based on the identified skills gaps; Optimize upskilling ROI through application of skills on use case and pain points determined earlier from the key strategic initiates; Using a triple loop feedback and assessment method (TalentSpy) to enhance the learning experience.

Create a Center of Excellence For Data Literacy That Addresses Business Needs

Address business needs with CADS Workforce Augmented Strategy. Our Talentspy Enterprise platform capability includes;

Workforce Remodeling

  • Performance, retention & succession plan
  • Assess to verify Data Analytics and AI capabilities of talents
  • Identify Skills Gap
  • Learning & Development roadmap

Data Literacy & Capability Building

Proprietary learning paths with modules and certifications to upskill talent with Data Literacy skills.

Talent Acquisition

AI-powered Talent Matching through internal & external talent marketplace, connecting people with the right Data Literacy skills to relevant jobs.

Business Outcome

Future-proof workforce for a sustainable business outcome

  • Improve employee engagement and talent retention
  • Improve data literacy and close competency gap
  • Digitizing operations and automating process

CADS has trained over 2,000 data professionals to become Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Over 240 young Data Stars were trained and placed at various leading organizations.

Ready To Take This Journey?

Talentspy Enterprise empowers organizations to

  • Identify skills gap in Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Identify the right talent for the skill needed internally
  • Develop talent with customized learning roadmap/ training program
  • Monitor performance and identify the best performer
  • Perform Job matching within the company or externally for new hiring
  • Identify the right talent in Data, Analytics and AI skills for hiring

Learning Paths


What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our clients about our Data Driven Organization™ engagement and Data Literacy programs.

"One of the students participated in an autonomous 1/18th scale race car designed to test RL models by racing on a physical track and won third place. Strong programming fundamentals provided in the program boost the confidence, enabling the students to grasp more complex programming language,"
Global Oil & Gas Company
"The beauty of this program is that it requires the trainees to get their hands dirty and do the actual work throughout the course. It is indeed very different from a lot of programs in the market which just produces a certificate in the end without the trainee actually able to do some real work,"
Data Insight Manager

Upcoming Virtual Workshop & Classroom​

Turn a 4-hour board meeting into a 30 minute one. Learn to expect more from presenters in terms of story, visual, impact, and insight.

This program is for Senior Leaders & Board Members.

$ 350 USD per person or
$ 2,800 USD per group up to 25 pax per session or
$ 3,500 USD per session up to 20 pax (In-house Training for Organizations)

Learn the fundamental skills to mine valuable business insights from huge pools of data within an organization. with Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA) – 15 day program.

Upcoming session: 10 August – 11 September

This program is best-suited for Business Intelligence Analysts looking to maximise the potential of their work.

Fee: $ 1,400 USD per person

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