Futureproof your

CADS.ai helps you futureproof your skills and your organization's with Data, Analytics & AI capabilities.


Be part of a growing data professional community. Assess your skill, upskill, and get certified with a personalized learning path.


Build an agile and data literate workforce capable of using data, analytics, and AI technologies to sustain digital transformation.

Solutions for your role:


Embark on a Data Driven journey with CADS Augmented Strategy.

Human Capital

Drive digital transformation through Human Capital augmentation.

Data Professionals

Improve data literacy skills to become a competent data professional.


Learn in-demand skills to become an employable graduate.


An AI-powered integrated platform to assess and develop Data Literacy skills, individually and across organization.

For Graduates

Fast-track your career growth with Data Star graduate program.

Fast Track Your Career as a Data Professional. Be the next Data Analyst, Data Engineer or Junior Data Scientist in one to two months with this fully-sponsored graduate program.

For Individuals & Data Professionals

Futureproof your career. Be data literate.

Companies are frantically going digital. Employers are implementing data, analytics and AI technologies to become tech companies. However, they are facing talents shortages with data literacy skills.

Without having data literacy skills, you are losing out opportunities to work in many emerging jobs that are in-demand by companies. It’s a gold rush.

Receive your own personalized learning path. Learn data literacy skills however you want to learn, and get auto-matched with jobs and projects based on your verified skills.

For Organization

Futureproof your organization. Become data-driven.

Lacking data literacy skills impedes digital transformation of enterprises.

Transitioning into a tech company is a top priority for CXOs in 2020s. Operating with digital business models require companies to utilize 5G internet, cloud, data analytics and AI to compete and remain relevant. Since data is the new commodity that creates tremendous value, being data-driven is paramount.


What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our clients about our Data Driven Organization™ engagement and Data Literacy programs.

"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Fortune 500 Company
"The program helps reducing dependency on vendor for low risk tasks within shorter time and the participants are able to introduce automation in their daily task, which substantially reduce manual work and time required to complete task!"
Global Oil & Gas Company