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CADS.aI is The best platform for future-proofing your Data Literacy skills, career and workforce with Data, analytics and AI capabilities. Purpose-built for Individuals and Organizations.

Rubiqe for Individuals

Be part of a growing data professional community with Rubiqe. Assess your skill, upskill, get certified and get a new job recommendation based on your skills.

Acceltic for Organizations

Acceltic enables you to build an agile, data literate workforce with data, analytics, and AI capabilities to sustain digital transformation. Know where to invest in.

Solutions for your need

For Individuals

I'm looking for a job

Let MAX AI finds matching job opportunities from verified organizations in need of Data Literate talents like you.

I want career planning

Rubiqe personalized learning is designed to assist you in your skill development. Know exactly what skills programs you need to take to unlock your next career path.

I'd like to perform better

Know Your Skill Strength And Where You Need To Go. Rubiqe equips you with industry-standard skills assessments and certifications.

For Organization Leaders

Become a Data Driven Organization

Align Expectations Of Leaders And Workforce. Identify Blockages & Interventions To Become Fully Matured Data-Driven Organization

Know where to invest in

Know Precisely Where To Invest In Your Workforce And Understand What Skills You Will Need To Become Data Driven.

Unlock the power of the people

Build A Data Literate Workforce And Automate Data Driven Transformation Initiatives Within Your Organization

For Human Capital

Gain Visibility On Current And Future Skills Required

Map skills inventory across divisions, departments, and levels, and Pinpoint existing skills gap to close in the workforce.

Groom Internal Talent

Empower every individual in the workforce to learn relevant data literacy skills based on their unique skills profile.

Mobilize Internal Talent With Skill Match

Help employees discover their next role internally to demonstrate the new skill back to solve business problems.

CADS is an Integrated, AI-powered platform that futureproof talents skills and automates data driven organization transformation

  • Data Literacy Skills Assessment
  • Smart Skills Assessment
  • Personalized Learning
  • Career Development
  • Data Driven Maturity & Alignment
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Mobility

Verify your data literacy skills with industry-standard assessments in line with that employers want. Get yourself recognized with skills certificates.

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Employers want to know if you’re a good fit for the role. Find out how well your character traits match employer requirements with Smart Skill assessment and land the job you want.

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Get your own personalized learning path recommendations to from CADS MAX artificial intelligence based on your verified skills. Complete the learning path at your own pace to unlock your dream career.

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Find data-related job opportunities from verified companies. Get automatically matched with jobs and projects based on the data literacy skills required by employers.

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Prioritize your investment and align the workforce.

Understand the bird eye-view where the company is stuck while transitioning to become a digital business and gain clarity of the exact interventions required to close the gap with the workforce.

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Manage the data literacy workforce to meet both current and future skill requirements of digital business. Verify data literacy skills of the workforce and understand the existing skills gap to close by departments and individually.

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Post job and project opportunities. Automatically get matched with verified internal and external talents based on the required skills.

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MAX is the Artificial Intelligence engine powering CADS.ai, delivering you a personalized experience.

  • Personalized Learning Path Recommendations for Career Development
  • Automated Job Matching Recommendation Based On Verified Skills and Job Requirement

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"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Fortune 500 Company
4000 +
Assessed & Upskilled Talent
25 +
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Solution for Every Role

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Understand the bird eye-view where the company is stuck while transitioning to become a digital business.

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Gain clarity of the exact interventions required to close the gap with the workforce to meet both current and future skill requirements of digital business.

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Post job and project opportunities. Automatically get matched with verified talents based on the required skills.

  • Post jobs and project opportunities based on skills requirement.
  • Get auto-matched with data literate talents based on skill relevance.

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Become resilient with verified Data Literacy Skills and personalized learning path, and get automated job matching based on your verified skills.

Be part of a growing data professional community.

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Equip yourself with data literacy skills, resources, and matching jobs. Get hired seamlessly through Rubiqe, an AI-integrated platform.

Experience a personalized learning path via CADS MAX artificial intelligence. Learn relevant data literacy skills from industry accredited courses via online, on-site or blended.

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For Graduates

Data star: Fast-track your career growth

Fast Track Your Career as a Data Professional. Be the next Data Analyst, Data Engineer or Junior Data Scientist in one to two months with Data Star, a fully-sponsored graduate program.

The skills I gained with Data Star have provided me with the competencies required to work in data analytics. Within three months, I have gained the confidence to conduct statistical analyses and visualize data in R and Python.

Philip Khor Qing An

Junior Data Scientist Track

For Individuals & Data Professionals

Futureproof your career. Be data literate.

Companies are frantically going digital. Employers are implementing data, analytics and AI technologies to become tech companies. However, they are facing talents shortages with data literacy skills.

Without having data literacy skills, you are losing out opportunities to work in many emerging jobs that are in-demand by companies. It’s a gold rush.

Receive your own personalized learning path. Learn data literacy skills however you want to learn, and get auto-matched with jobs and projects based on your verified skills.

For Organization

Futureproof your organization. Become data-driven.

Lacking data literacy skills impedes digital transformation of enterprises.

Transitioning into a tech company is a top priority for CXOs in 2020s. Operating with digital business models require companies to utilize 5G internet, cloud, data analytics and AI to compete and remain relevant. Since data is the new commodity that creates tremendous value, being data-driven is paramount.