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Featured Case Study:

Leading ASEAN Bank

The leading ASEAN Bank aspired to become the Digital Bank of Choice. It embarked on digital transformation journey with model focusing on futureproofing the workforce to address the main issue with digital transformation, the people.

The Aspiration

  • Looking beyond digital bank and embracing transformation to technology company
  • Enable and sustain digital transformation by futureproofing workforce and create an organizational shift towards digitalization

The Solution

  • Digital Maturity aspiration and gap identification for development of intervention strategy
  • Augments the human capital with data, analytics and AI capabilities to sustain digital transformation

The Result

  • Significant increase in confidence and mindset among employee to drive digital projects resulted in millions of cost avoidance

  • Multiple projects have been developed utilizing internal qualified data professionals generating high impact business performance.

“Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business today and the future, and it is important that our employees are kept abreast of new development” - Senior Executive

Successful Digital Banks are Organization Ready, Tech Savvy, Client Centric and adopt Agile Operating Models.

Organization Ready

Tech Savvy

Client Centric

Agile Operating Models

Start your journey with Acceltic to Accelerate digital transformation and and drive tangible business impact.

Key Benefit

Understand where the company is Struggling while transitioning to become a digital business

Gain clarity of the exact interventions required to close the gap within the workforce

Gain Visibility on both current and future skill requirements as a digital business 

Improve resiliency and adaptability with Workforce Augmentation, Mobility & Efficiency

Demonstrate the skill back to solve business problems and accelerate digital transformation

Other Case Study

CADS is an Integrated, AI-powered platform that futureproof talents skills and automates data driven organization transformation

  • Data Literacy Skills Assessment
  • Smart Skills Assessment
  • Personalized Learning
  • Career Development
  • Data Driven Maturity & Alignment
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Mobility

Verify your data literacy skills with industry-standard assessments in line with that employers want. Get yourself recognized with skills certificates.

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Employers want to know if you’re a good fit for the role. Find out how well your character traits match employer requirements with Smart Skill assessment and land the job you want.

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Get your own personalized learning path recommendations to from CADS MAX artificial intelligence based on your verified skills. Complete the learning path at your own pace to unlock your dream career.

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Find data-related job opportunities from verified companies. Get automatically matched with jobs and projects based on the data literacy skills required by employers.

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Prioritize your investment and align the workforce.

Understand the bird eye-view where the company is stuck while transitioning to become a digital business and gain clarity of the exact interventions required to close the gap with the workforce.

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Manage the data literacy workforce to meet both current and future skill requirements of digital business. Verify data literacy skills of the workforce and understand the existing skills gap to close by departments and individually.

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Post job and project opportunities. Automatically get matched with verified internal and external talents based on the required skills.

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"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Leading ASEAN Bank
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Assessed & Upskilled Talent
25 +
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