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Dramatically Improves Graduates' Employability with the Data Star Graduate Program

Data is to the Information Age what Oil once was to the Industrial Age

Like the way oil has driven growth and produced wealth for powerful nations,

the next wave of growth will be driven by data.

Thanks to emerging technologies, the world has changed beyond recognition. When once a costly computer would spend hours contemplating a single image, now a mobile phone can track faces in real-time and is backed by the immense power of the cloud to search millions of documents and recognize speech, surpassing even human-level performance.


The evolution of computational facilities, combined with statistical analysis, gives us unprecedented analytical power to process huge and complex datasets. This combination of new capabilities is transforming how we do business, learn new skills, communicate, and understand the world. 

A Shortage of a Data Analytics-Enabled Workforce for Industry Revolution 4.0

The need to analyze data across the whole organization is driving up the demand for data analytics-enabled talents every year. There is an ever-widening range of opportunities for graduates to work with data. New forms of education, such as graduate training programs, fellowship programs, and boot camps are becoming more prevalent. 

Collaborate with Us to Meet the Growing Demand for Data Scientists and AI Professionals

Universities and educational institutions are encouraged to join the data movement. Take this opportunity to empower undergraduate and graduate students with Malaysia’s most sought-after Data Science credentials. 

Partner with us to Launch the Data Star Graduate Program ​

We are still a long way from realizing the full potential of data-enabled technologies. The data science and AI industry requires a large pool of talent with innovative and creative minds to solve problems with data. 


The Data Star Graduate Program aims to help thousands of bright and talented university students to kick-start illustrious careers as data professionals in Malaysia and beyond. Industry placements, mentorships by industry experts, world-class educational resources and real-world knowledge are available to help university students, alumni and graduates begin great careers in the local and international Data Science scenes. 


With a strong track record of distinguished job placements and achievements, Data Star graduates are highly sought-after in Big Data careers right after graduation.


Integrate Data Star Graduate Program into Your University Curriculum

The workforce of the future will need to quickly adopt Data and AI skills. They need to be at least data-literate to solve real-world problems. Hence, integrating data science and AI skills into the education curriculum is essential. We would like to work with you to incorporate Data Star Graduate Program as part of the final year graduates curriculum to prepare them with future-ready skills.

Add Data Science Skills to the Resume of Non-Data Science Students

Tech-based skills are no longer limited to mathematics and science disciplines. Business practitioners, artists, and other non-technical practitioners in the workforce need to embrace technology disruption. If they want to stay relevant and even employable, they need to diversify with the relevant skillsets to face the next wave of digitalization brought about by Industry 4.0.

Stand with us to propel the workforce of the future forward.

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