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Data Star: The Next Data Professional

Hiring qualified data scientists, business analysts, and AI professionals are tough. 

There are more vacant positions than people to fill them, but it is often also challenging to find the right level of expertise among potential candidates. Talents who have all the skills, knowledge, ability, and experience are a rare find.

Data Star is a fast-track program designed by CADS to empower young graduates with Data Science, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence skills with industry job placements for real-world experience.

The program is an opportunity for organizations to carry-out risk-free recruitment of analytically minded and highly talented Junior Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers.

Join us in this Meet & Greet session to get to know our Data Star candidates for your next hire.

Our next batch is graduating soon!

Data Star program In partnership with Protege. Call us to find out all about it.

Hear from our alumni

Thinking about the whole Data Star experience, I feel that I have been given a torch in a dark alley when it comes to the world of Data Science and Analytics. Coming from a background that is much more reliant on soft skills and less reliant on the technical aspect of things, Data Star has given me the exposure necessary to take steps to upskill myself.

Mohamad Haziq bin Mohamad Roslan

Data Analyst Track

The training has broaden up my mind on what is actually data analytics. It also has made me to have the knowledge of the right technologies/tools in order for me to be a great data analyst in the future. This training do enhance my career development as I currently working in a Big Data team which is a new thing to me since I have never been exposed to Big Data during my study time at university. The training also provide the students with a conducive learning environment. Thus, it makes me eager to learn new things when I come to the class.

Irfan Farhan Bin Ahmad Hamdany

Data Analyst Track

By combining Python programming skills and Machine Learning knowledge obtained from Data Star with the knowledge I got from my Masters, I am able to do Computer Vision in Deep Learning in current industry.

I am currently building object detection model in GRID. We had to go through TalentSpy, two coding assessments, and two video interviews for this internship. The tests basically involved building deep learning models to predict blooming date of Sakura flowers in Japan.

Janice Khor Ean Yee

Junior Data Scientist

I think, Data Star Program is very beneficial to us as we learn new things such as R, Python, and Tableau. Those new things that we learn are giving us an additional value compared to other graduated students.

The things that I like about the training program are the education materials, trainers, and the placement provided through the end of this program.

Yes, the Data Star courses give so much impact and put a value for ourselves in order to get into the market, and it is also good for our career development as data scientist are on highly demand nowadays.

Muhammad Faiz Ashraf Bin Ismail

Data Analyst Track

I came from a very different background. Data Star Program gives me opportunity to showcase my interest and skills in big data. I benefited a lot from the training class as they taught every detail from basic of programming and math until now my current company doesn't have to provide an intensive training for data analytics to me anymore. I hope I will benefit a lot throughout my training period with my current company in the next 4 months.

Nurafiqah Zainol Abidin

Data Analyst Track

The skills I gained with Data Star have provided me with the competencies required to work in data analytics, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project. My experience with the Data Star program was thoroughly engaging, covering a breadth of topics across multiple aspects of the data science process within a short span of time. WIthin three months, I have gained the confidence to conduct statistical analyses and visualise data in R and Python.

Philip Khor Qing An

Data Scientist Track

Why hire a Data Star?

  • Data Star program is in partnership with Protege Ready To Work Program, giving you advantage for hiring
  • Data Star candidates have been competitively vetted and selected from thousands of applicants
  • Each candidate have had their skills assessed by CADS' proprietary HRTech Talent Assessment system
  • The program provides intensive Data Science enablement training & mentorship with experienced Data Scientists
  • 249 Data Stars graduated in the past has proven to be highly in demand and hired by various leading organizations.

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