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Hire a Data Star: Professionally Trained Data Science & Business Analytics Professional

The Data Star for Hire program is an opportunity for organizations to carry-out risk-free recruitment of analytically minded and highly talented Junior Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers.

Hiring qualified data scientists, business analysts, and AI professionals is tough. There are more vacant positions than people to fill them, but it is often also challenging to find the right level of expertise among potential candidates.

Talents who have all the skills, knowledge, ability, and experience are a rare find.

over 100 Data Star for Hire

Data Star graduates are go-getters and hungry learners who are ready to embark on their new roles and responsibilities as data professionals. 


The Data Star Graduate Program offers Data Star Graduates first-class training and qualifications to set them up for life.


Our Data Star Graduate Program aims to create exceptional Data Science and AI professionals for the nation. Be a part of this meaningful program with us.

Note: There are no recruitment fees for hiring a Data Star Graduate. Contact us to find out more.

Provide Industry Job Placement to Data Star Graduates

Partner with us to train the best Data Scientists to work in your organization from day one. 


While CADS trains and equips them with the technical knowledge and skills they can apply to your business, your management team can provide industry know-how and subject matter expertise to these future hires. 


Together, the Data Star candidates can help transform and fully utilize big data to drive business transformation.


7 Top Benefits of Becoming a Data Star Graduate Program Corporate Sponsor and Industry Job Placement Partner

Access to Top Talent

Meet the brightest minds from universities and dynamic fresh graduates who are new in the market. Get first access to our Data Star talents.

Save Time and Money

We've thoroughly screened and trained our Data Star graduates, which helps you reduce hiring time, and on-the-job training costs.

Cherry-Pick Your Preferred Candidates

Your team will conduct interview sessions, and decide whether to sponsor the candidate.

Industry Placement Before Hiring

The industry placement program allows our qualified candidates to work in your organization for 3 – 12 months before you officially hire them.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for the program.
Each candidate must complete a vital capstone project that showcases his or her skills based on everyday business challenges, attempting to solve it with a data-driven approach, while using real-world data.

Hire A Qualified Talent Pool With Ease

Regardless if you're a hiring manager who needs guidance to find the right candidate, a director looking to augment your team with qualified data science talents, or a startup in need of top-quality business analytics and AI talents; you no longer need to sift through multiple resumes from data dabblers and unqualified applicants.

A Smarter Way of Hiring Data & AI Professionals

Leverage our database to acquire talented data professionals.

Take the guesswork out of hiring by becoming a Data Star Talent Corporate Sponsor or Industry Job Placement Partner.

Hire a Data Star Graduate for Your Organization

Get double tax deductions to save costs on hiring. 

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