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Data Driven Organization™

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Data Driven Organization™ (DDO) is a maturity assessment model for digital business that focuses on discovering, prioritizing, and aligning leading indicators across the entire organization. DDO benchmark your organization’s capabilities against best practices and provide recommendations with a comprehensive action plan.

According to McKinsey Global Survey, high-performing organizations are much more likely to report having a data leader in the C-suite.

“High-performing organizations are much more likely to report having a data leader in the C-suite, making data and self-service tools accessible to frontline employees, and creating an organizational culture that supports rapid iteration and tolerates failure,”

McKinsey Global Survey

Data Driven Organization™ Model

Unlike traditional transformation programs, CADS Data Driven Organization™ Model focuses on comprehensively transforming six key areas within an organization comprising Strategy, Culture, Talent, Analytics, Data, and Technology. It consists of five unique phases – Discovery, Awareness, Assessment, Enablement, and Delivery.

The DDO Model assesses and provides insights on where organizations stand with respect to each of these six areas. The insights include recommendations of what the next steps are. From these recommendations, CADS comes up with a comprehensive action plan for each area.

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Our Approach

Identification of Current State



Identification of Future Goals




Gaps between Senior Management and Business Leaders




Execute based on Priority (based on the 6 pillars)

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What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our clients about our Data Driven Organization™ engagement and Data Literacy programs.

"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Fortune 500 Company
"The program helps reducing dependency on vendor for low risk tasks within shorter time and the participants are able to introduce automation in their daily task, which substantially reduce manual work and time required to complete task!"
Global Oil & Gas Company
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