Data Visualization and Storytelling

Track: Enterprise Data Analyst (EDA)
Learn to tell better stories with data that is meaningful to your business. Improve communication with Data Visualization and Storytelling techniques to create stunning charts and impressive insights.

Produce Engaging, Cohesive and Memorable Data Stories

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This subject covers the fundamentals of effective storytelling with data. Data visualization allows for communicating complex ideas as well as help audiences see the big picture. Data storytelling brings data to life by assigning meaning and context to data by combining numbers, words and visuals, when sharing insights with audiences.

Learning outcome:

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;
  1. Communicate information using data visualization
  2. Use visualization to explore data
  3. Understand the key points of effective communication

Who should attend:

Professionals that work with data

1 day of in depth learning

Face to face with experienced Data Scientist.

Course Methodology

This course will utilize a combination of Presentations and Workshops.

CADS Certification​

Earn certification upon completion.

Python Programming I or R Programming I
Minimum Qualification:
Undergraduate Degree

Training Track

Enterprise Data Analyst (EDA)

Data Visualization and Storytelling is one of the modules under our Enterprise Data Analyst (EDA) program. EDA is a 28-day training program that provides analysts with the tools to be immediate contributors to a data science team. They will assist to frame business requirements as analytics models.

Details of Subject

  1. Data Visualization –
    • Effective visualization
    • Graphical Integrity
    • Choosing the right display
    • Perceptual Effectiveness
  2. Implementation –
    • Practical graphing in Python or R
  3. Storytelling –
    • Visual and narrative structure

Lead Instructor

Darren Chong
Darren is an MSc. Management graduate with Distinction from Warwick Business School transitioning into Data Science from the world of business. His prior work experience spans a broad range of industries including management consulting, education and public relations. At the Center of Applied Data Science, Darren helps organizations unlock latent value hidden in their data by generating and communicating actionable insights to decision-makers.

CADS Certification

EDA CADS Certified Enterprise Data Analyst

Certification information for this module & track will be made available soon.

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Data Visualization and Storytelling