Data Driven Organization Roadmap

Track: Executive Business Education (EBE)
Participants will be introduced to the Data-Driven Organization framework and acquire the fundamental skills of problem solving in Data Science. The course will enable participants to approach business problems with a Data Scientist’s mindset and understand the value that Data-driven insights can deliver for an organization.

Think Like a Problem Solver

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This course is a high-level introduction of Data Science for participants new to the field; covering how Data has become abundant & accessible, the favorable climate spurring adoption of Analytics, and how companies can strive towards becoming Data driven. It will also introduce participants to programming and algorithmic thinking and teach students how to instruct computers to solve problems. In this two-part course, participants will be introduced to the Data-Driven Organization framework and acquire the fundamental skills of problem solving in Data Science.

Learning outcome:

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the drivers and demand for Data Analytics, the foundations for a Data Driven Organization and the fundamentals of Data and Data Science
  2. Describe use cases and applications of Analytics
  3. Design algorithms to perform a task

Who should attend:

Managers and Decision makers looking to understand how Data will affect their roles, companies, and strategies

1 day of in depth learning

Face to face with experienced Data Scientist.

Course Methodology

This course will utilize a combination of Lectures and Presentations.

CADS Certification​

Earn certification upon completion.

Minimum Qualification:
Undergraduate Degree

Training Track

Executive Business Education (EBE)

Data Driven Organization – Roadmap is one of the modules under our Enterprise Data Practitioner (EDP) programme. EDP is a nine-day training program that super- charges Business Intelligence analysts with new skills to analyse and communicate insights effectively.

Details of Subject

  1. Motivation for Data & Analytics –  Data is everywhere and the future promises only more. We will go over market drivers of the growth in data analytics and why it will affect your business.
  2. Delivering Value from Becoming Data Driven – Data will fundamentally change business models, markets and decision making. Instructors guide participants through the benefits of having data and analytics as a core competency of an organization.
  3. Data Driven Organisation (DDO) –  What defines a Data Driven Organization? What are the core attributes required? (6 pillars), and how can an organization assess what steps they need to take?
  4. Data Professionals –  There are many types of Data Professionals that serve different roles and have different functions. Learn the community and the specifics of each from our experts.
  5. What is an Algorithm? –  Algorithms are code lines of instructions that perform tasks. They are the building blocks of all computerized functions.
  6. Describing Algorithms with Flowcharts –  Participants will learn the essentials of programming logic through flow charts. Translating these flowcharts to pseudocode make it easier for beginner programmers to familiarise themselves with programming logic.
  7. Introduction to Programming –  Under instruction students will learn how to write basic code using the skills practiced throughout the day.

Lead Instructor

Jan Sauer
Jan Sauer was a biostatistician in the field of deep learning and image/pattern recognition. He has a master’s degree in physics and have extensive experience as a software developer. Throughout his career, he has been involved in different areas of data science, ranging from automated data collection and data analysis, data pipeline and database design, and advanced machine learning where he uses Tensorflow extensively in image processing.

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Data Driven Organization Roadmap