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Verify Skills Acquired Post-Trainings with TalentSpy Have you spent tens of thousands in training your people to be competent? How do you know if the trainings they’ve gone through are really effective and impactful? How can you verify whether their skills are on-par with industry standards? Every organization is unique. Each will deploy different methods … Read more Make All Trainings Worthwhile

Game Changers for the Future of Work: Interview with Prof. Dennis Campbell & Ms. Sharala Axryd

Game-Changers for the Future of Work. Futureproof and Accelerate Digital Transformation

What are the game-changers that will shape the future?

Policy Horizons recently published a report The Future of Work: Five Game Changers, where they list a list of five “game-changers, “which could transform work, the very character of the economy, and social programs underpinning the economy.

The “game-changers” include: 

  1. Society shifting from long-term and time-based employment to short-term, temporary, and skill-based work.
  2. The location of people work and earn may not be the same as the location where they live and spend
  3. Robotics and automation dramatically reduce the need for human labor 
  4. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and smart machine applications decrease the scarcity of skilled, knowledge workers
  5. Simplification of the supply chain reduces the need for human intermediaries and interactions between process flow 

Read more about how the US and Canada government cope with the change here:

The federal government’s foresight agency has identified five game-changing trends related to technology that could change the future of work.

1. Quantum Computing

2. Devices That Balance Innovation And Privacy

3. Transformer Neural Network Architecture

4. WeChat 

5. Cloud-Based Automated UI Testing

6. Blockchain Security And Compliance Monitoring

7. FIDO2

8. AutoAI

9. Anti-Microbial Visible Light

10. Remote Condition Monitoring

11. Google’s Automated Phone Calls And Answering Help

12. Dual Lens Cameras

13. Telegram Splitting

14. Omniscience And Next-Best-Action Prediction

15. Color-Changing Medical Tattoos

16. Consumer eSIM

The common denominator of technologies listed above is DATA.

Organizations can tap into the rich datasets they have with the help of artificial intelligence to: 

  • Understand market needs
  • Identify consumers’ buying motivations
  • Project future sales 
  • Plan for production and delivery 
  • Manage supply chain
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Increase brand advocacy
  • Develop new products
  • Generate higher revenue by cross-selling and upselling 
  • Identify and develop top performers 
  • Strategize market expansion plan
  • Prevent wastage of machine operation hours 
  • Enhance manpower and productivity

Data-driven leadership become the ultimate game-changer for the future

Data-driven leadership and culture are becoming increasingly important as business leaders are using data to support business decision-making—in marketing, business development, management, hiring, operations, production, risk management, etc.—with accurate data.

Just aspiring to be data-driven is not enough

Leaders in an organization need to take concrete steps to develop cultures in which a data-driven mindset can flourish.

Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, 4G/5G, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, and automation have demolished 52% of the value of Fortune 500 companies since 2010. (Source: The Myth of Destructive Digital Disruption, Medium)

In the current post-COVID-19 environment, consumer demands and preferences are ever-changing. Companies that have successfully transformed themselves digitally have done so because they have rapidly adapted and adopted digital innovation.

It’s paramount for your organization to keep your workforce up-to-date with digital transformation and technology innovation.

How do you keep your workforce up-to-date with digitalization and accelerate Digital Transformation post #COVID19?

Watch this exclusive interview video below on “Game Changers for the Future of Workforce” with Professor Dennis Campbell from Harvard Business School and Ms. Sharala Axryd, Founder and CEO of The Center of Applied Data Science.

Get insights on what makes or breaks Digital Transformation initiatives and key success factors for companies deploying Digital Transformation.

In this interview, the two data experts discuss the essentials on the following:

  • The most profound impacts of technology on the business world today
  • The importance of data culture transformation
  • The importance of being agile in a post-pandemic world and why Asian organizations need to do it now
  • What level of readiness Asian leaders of organizations are currently at in terms of digital and data culture transformation and how they’re doing
  • The commitment level of such organizations towards data culture transformation and how they can successfully get to where they want to be

Organizations need to develop a data-driven strategy to build an organization-wide data-driven culture and mindset to flourish and thrive.

We have identified 6 pillars of a data-driven organization and developed a comprehensive system to assess organizations’ data-driven maturity level.

Do you want to learn more about how to create a more robust data-driven culture in your organization?

Visit our website to find out more.

Contact us for a data-driven business strategy consultation session based on CADS Data-Driven Organization Roadmap.

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