Case Study

Talent Retention: Transformation Begins and Ends with Culture

A Case Study on How One of The World’s Oil and Gas ‘Supermajors’ Changed Its Culture to be Data Driven & Retain Talent

One of the world’s oil and gas ‘supermajors’ has long been defined by hosting the traditional business legacy systems that help it to function. With legacy systems also came matching mindsets within the workforce that were resistant to change, prone to giving excuses and inertia that needed to be overcome.

In this case study;

  1. Find out how we helped one of the world’s oil and gas ‘supermajors’ change its culture to be data driven & retain its talent
  2. Find out how culture is used to draw the right insights and strategy
  3. Find out the Methodology and Technology involved in the strategy
  4. Find out the other areas of focus that key to successfully embark on this transformation journey

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