Case Study

Culture Eats Strategy
For Breakfast*

A Case Study on How a Financial Institution Changed Its Culture to be Data Driven.

*Management Consultant, Peter Drucker

“Data-Driven companies that harness insights across their organization and implement them to create competitive advantage are growing at an average of more than 30% annually and are on track to earn USD$1.8 trillion by 2021.”

While having the right technology is important, people and processes remain the main challenges to becoming data-driven, reinforcing the need to take a holistic approach when nurturing a data-driven culture.

In this case study;

  1. Find out how we helped a financial institution changed its culture to be data-driven using our Data-Driven Organization (DDO) Model framework
  2. Find out how culture is used to draw the right insights and strategy
  3. Find out the other areas of focus that key to successfully embark on this transformation journey.

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