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CADS Campus provides education and experiences for lifelong learning in Analytics, Data Science and AI.


Become a data-driven organization

A data-driven organization uses data and analytics in all aspects of its business, from uncovering actionable insights, predicting more accurate forecasts to fact-based decision making. 

These organizations produce real business value as proven in a McKinsey report (link) surveying organizations with these characteristics. The McKinsey report refers to these organizations as Data-Driven Organizations

“Our passion is to empower everyone to make a difference using Data and Analytics.”

Sharala Axryd, Founder of CADS

Sharala Axryd - The Center of Applied Data Science


The CADS Campus Model

Lifelong Learning

Whether you’re a high school student, employed, completely new to the world of Analytics and Data Science or an expert in AI, our training, assessments and programs will take you to the next step.

Experiential Learning

The best way to understand new concepts and ideas is to apply them directly to a real world problem. That’s why we run in-person workshops, camps, competitions and hackathons to accelerate your learning path.

Led by Data Scientists

We’ve put our 10 years of experience as Data Science technology experts into our offerings so that we can share everything we’ve learned with you.

You'll get


Become a Data Star

Junior Explorer

  • High school students for an early exposure of Data Science
  • Education camp concept, guided competitive challenges, problem solving exploration with Data Science
Become a Data Star

Intern Attachment

  • University students to comply with degree requirements
  • On the job exposure to relate classroom knowledge to practical or industrial applications
Become a Data Star

Grad Marketability

  • Fresh graduates in transition to job market
  • Additional professional certification as career footprint launcher
  • Talents grooming to potentially join CADS
Become a Data Star

Employee Upskilling

  • Professionals journey to growth & development
  • Additional professional certification- applied knowledge on the job
Become a Data Star

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