Accelerate Digital Transformation.

Talent-First Approach in Driving Business Impact .

Data Is The New Oil

In 2009, nine out of the ten largest companies in the world are in the finance and oil and gas industries. Ten years forward, eight out of the ten largest companies in the world are tech companies, while only 60 (12%) of Fortune 500 firms from 1955 remain in 2019.

To remain relevant in the digital economy, organizations need to embark on digital transformations to become tech companies.

Tech companies are data-driven. They are…


Where are you in the journey to become a data-driven organization?

One of the biggest barriers to achieving true digital transformation that drives business impact, is overlooking the importance of data. It is poor business acumen for organizations to ignore data in deferment to the opinions of the HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion). HiPPOs can underestimate disruption, reject innovative ideas, and rely too much on familiar ways of working. Without a clear understanding of what being data-driven actually means, companies who don’t change fast enough will get disrupted and become irrelevant.

Is your organization an elephant being run by a HiPPO? Are you that HiPPO?

Matured Data-Driven Organizations are like elephants – they are strong, huge, and powerful, and make an impact wherever they are.

Where does your organization stand in the Data-Driven Maturity Level?

While digital leadership, culture, and upskilling are definitely required to enact change and growth within your organization, these can never truly take off if the executive backbone of your company isn’t committed to the transformation journey.

The billion-dollar question thus becomes: “what are the data-driven strategy pillars I need to put in place so that I can get to where I want to be?”

A data-driven organization comprises 6 pillars:

Human Capital to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Business leaders believe that digital transformation is about technology. However, 60-85% of digital transformation initiatives fail, not because of technology, but due to people with a lack of data literacy skills implementing them.

Do your people have the right skills to take the right actions?

Data literacy skills gap is widening due to the adoption of emerging technologies in global industries. Hence, business leaders must drive digital transformation through human capital first, then implement technology operated by people with relevant skills.

How do we transform a big giant elephant with low data literacy?

Drive digital transformation with talent as the core.

To transform the workforce and sustain technology implementation, organizations must implement an augmented strategy for human capital management. This consists of a combination of workforce upskilling, automation and hiring.


A top-down approach with C-suite leadership focus and knowledge of data-driven decision making is most crucial to achieving improved business outcomes.

Data-Driven Maturity Level helps an organization to forward plan and adjust business strategy for successful digital transformation.

Take the DDO Maturity Assessment to help you cultivate a better understanding of your company’s vision and strategic alignment in relation to your business plans and mindset. With this assessment, you will receive the following:

  1. Insights into the six pillars of DDO – Strategy, Culture, Talent, Analytics, Data, and Technology. Find out where you stand for each pillar in terms of maturity level.
  2. An individual report which outlines the results and provides recommendations of what the next steps are for your organization.

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Data-Driven Organization

Ensure organizational alignment with a top-line strategy approach that is aligned to overcome silos, inertia, and resistance. The DDO framework’s six pillars allow organizations to perform in-sync, evolving from stagnancy to eventually data-driven maturity. This multi-faceted approach will pave the way for increased market valuation, revenue generation, and sustainable growth amidst disruption.

Workforce Augmented Strategy

Identify diversely-skilled data professionals to achieve the vision and growth of organizations by strategically assessing current and future talent needs for on-demand access to the best-fit talent. With a sustainable AI-based talent pipeline in place, organizations can execute mission-critical projects with minimal disruption, elevate the quality of hires, and reduce adaptation anxiety.

Data Literacy Transformation

Embark on a lifelong futureproofing journey with training and programs to cultivate an agile talent market. The learning paths comprises data science, data analytics, and data engineering, all of which are the most sought-after skills in the market. Instil a culture and mindset that values continuous learning to become more self-reliant and confident with the data used for actionable business insights.


What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our clients about our Data Driven Organization™ engagement and Data Literacy programs.

"The original intent for the program is to increase the efficiency of the team in delivering daily tasks. Pre-training and post-training assessments showed the incremental growth of the analytics knowledge of the students upon undergoing 45 days of learning within 7 months,"
Fortune 500 Company
"The program helps reducing dependency on vendor for low risk tasks within shorter time and the participants are able to introduce automation in their daily task, which substantially reduce manual work and time required to complete task!"
Global Oil & Gas Company