Transform Data into
Actionable Insights

Develop Insights, Challenge Assumptions,
Uncover New Business Models

Our Expertise

Whether you’re building efficiency, identifying new ways to retain your customers, developing a system for fraud detection, or forecasting sales for the next five years, we have the expertise to help.

Our experienced, in-house team of Data Scientists have worked across a variety of industries including banking, telecommunications, government, automotive, retail, finance, public sector, manufacturing and more.

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Some of our capabilities include​

(but are not limited to)

Customer Analytics

Through sophisticated customer analytics models, we show you the true value of your customers to your business. We know how to maximize lifecycle and mutual benefit through every touch point and interaction.

Workforce Analytics

Through the power of data and analytics, we will help you to attract and retain top talent, keep employee engagement high and reduce operations and human resource associated costs by optimizing your workforce planning and L&D planning.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

We use cloud services and big data technologies such as the Hadoop ecosystem to process and analyze large volumes of date through real-time devices to create actionable insights.


We help businesses with analytics capability to optimize and improve their models in a cost-effective manner.

Your Confidence

We use a proven approach (Build.Operate.Learn.Transfer) to help organizations unlock the value of data.

We are a leading Data Science technology company with over 30 years of combined expertise.

We have one of the largest data science team in ASEAN delivering world-class expertise.

What our clients have to say


“The beauty of this program is that it requires the trainees to get their hands dirty and do the actual work throughout the course. It is indeed very different from a lot of programs in the market which just produces a certificate in the end without the trainee actually able to do some real stuff.”
Kang Chin Chong
Data Insight Manager, AIG Enterprise Data Scientist Track (May 2018)
“The program was indeed very useful and informative. I met new colleagues in all kinds of categories. The instructors taught the subject well, answered questions and shared the important details in the topic.”
Mohd Azahari b Yaakub
Senior DBA, Enterprise Data Analyst Track (May 2018)

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