Accelerate your Career with CADS MBA in Business Analytics

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MBA in Business Analytics is the gateway to advance your career

Now is the new age of data and it has unlimited potential.

The increasing importance of Business Analytics has changed the world in the real sense, leading to smarter business moves, higher profits, efficient operations and happy customers. Investing in analytics is the difference between successful and failing companies in the present and the years to come.

Analytical skills are some of the rarest and hardest to find in MBA graduates. While possessing in-demand data science and business analytics skills is important, it is equally important to have a solid grasp on the skills and basic knowledge advanced business professionals are known for having if you want to become a strategic data-driven business leader within an increasingly complex business environment.

Ticket to a Lucrative Career

CADS, together with the Swiss School of Management are delivering an MBA in Business Analytics exclusive to the Asian region. 3 semester-long and fully accredited by IACBE and CHEA, the program is best suited for individuals seeking to learn a new skill set that will give them a cutting edge in the business field as it is designed for professionals with interest in better understanding data analytics.

Discover how to further your data analytics career with an MBA.

Differentiate yourself in the job market by expanding your data analytics skillset as having an MBA in Business Analytics could help unlock some promising career paths.

About Swiss School of Management

The Swiss School of Management’s MBA Program is awarded in collaboration with INSEEC Business School, which is one of the top 20 Business Schools in Europe, and whose MBA Program is ranked among the best Programs worldwide and accredited by the Association of MBAs. Furthermore, the SSM MBA Program is fully accredited by the IACBE and CHEA-Council for Higher Education in the US. The Department of Veterans Affairs also accredits the MBA program. SSM is a quality certified school by EduQua, the Swiss Quality Certification label (accredited by the Swiss Federal Government) for Institutions of higher and continuous education.

After acquiring high demand skills such as data visualization, machine learning and optimization, large-scale data management and more, graduates will leave the program positioned to advance their careers.

Learn from the best

Acquire real-world market understanding, industry knowledge and networking building from the data authorities themselves at the Swiss School of Management and CADS. Every instructor, trainer and lecturer that leads each course module is at the top of their respective fields, eager to share their expertise and ensuring students accomplish their goals.

Learn the skills you need to uncover and make great use of valuable business insights in organizations.

It’s the best time to embark on a new journey with a CADS MBA in Business Analytics. Learn more on our website.

Navigate Through Digital Transformation - MBA in Business Analytics
MBA in Business Analytics
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