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The Center of
Applied Data Science

The future of technology is human

Who We Are

The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) only knows one way of doing things – the right and reliable way. We believe in progressing for the better and by advancing ourselves, we advance the company, the country, the world! When it comes to results, what we commit, we always deliver with excellent quality, standards, accuracy and efficiency.

The best of our talent shines when we are a team: stronger, smarter, more creative and impactful. We live by our purpose, our aspiration, our imagination and our mental freedom in going way beyond to make things happen. We have the spirit of learning and growth as we are courageous in confronting obstacles and turning them into perfect opportunities. Working hard and playing hard is our lifestyle. Our enthusiasm is infectious; we enjoy the shared journey, we appreciate momentous events and good laughter along the way.

We were the first in ASEAN to deliver Harvard Business School’s Executive Program – Competing in Business Analytics and Big Data as well as first ever collaboration with Data Incubator New York, to deliver Data Science Enablement in Malaysia. 

Our Mission

Enabling Innovation.

Our Vision

Creating economic opportunities for those who want to make the change.

Our Methodology

Innovative and Industry leading organizations are now driven by data, as proven by many studies. Because of this, organizations need a Data-Driven strategy and a plan to develop Analytics and Data Science talent. CADS empowers and enables organizations to become Data-Driven using our integrated services approach known as B.O.L.T.

With B.O.L.T. we help organizations to:

B.O.L.T. - The Center of Applied Data Science


Build capabilities to address business challenges. Capabilities include data-driven strategy, analytics solutions, talent and skills

B.U.I.L.T - The Center of Applied Data Science


Operate and sustain the capability in a Managed Services environment

B.U.I.L.T - The Center of Applied Data Science


Learn by upskilling talent with the necessary analytics skills

B.U.I.L.T - The Center of Applied Data Science


Transfer knowledge and skills to create a self-sustainable analytics eco-system

What We Do


Assess, Design and Implement Data-Driven Strategy

Skills Training

Equip existing and new talent with Data Science and Analytics skills

Talent Development

Provide ready pool of talent


Proven Data Science and Analytics learning paths


Domain Experts


Assessment & Certifications

Board of Advisors

The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) is guided by the tireless efforts and commitment from its Board of Advisors, which includes many prominent leaders from private and public sector businesses and organisations. They advise us on matters of strategic importance, helping to ensure The Center of Applied Data Science, CADS’ continued growth and success.

Chari Tvt - The Center of Applied Data Science

Chari TVT

Retired as Group Chief Financial Officer of Axiata, Chari TVT served as Chief Financial Officer of Celcom. During his time at Celcom, Chari was instrumental for many initiatives that contributed to excellent financial performance of Celcom, making it one of the most profitable companies in Malaysia.

Dato Tharuma Rajah - The Center of Applied Data Science

Dato’ Tharuma Rajah

Dato’ Tharuma Rajah has since retired from his role as Regional Managing Director of ASEAN, India, Pacific and Africa Operations at Hay Group, Inc, previously serving as Managing Director of Korn Ferry Hay Group – Asia Pacific at Korn/Ferry International. He joined Hay Group in 1993 after a 12-year stint with National Semiconductor; a Silicon Valley based US Electronics Multinational.

Tan Kien Eng - The Center of Applied Data Science

Tan Kien Eng

Kien, with over three decades of experience, believes that to grow a brand it starts with the growth of his people. In 2004, as President and Executive Creative Director of Arc Worldwide Malaysia, Kien grew ARC WW to be the No.1 direct and marketing agency in Malaysia for three consecutive years in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Dennis Campbell - The Center of Applied Data Science

Dennis Campbell

Dennis W. Campbell joined the faculty of the Harvard Business School in 2003. He is currently the Dwight P. Robinson Jr. Professor of Business Administration and also serves as the Head of the Accounting & Management unit at HBS. He has taught in and chaired a variety of courses in the school’s MBA, doctoral, and executive education programs in Boston, Asia and the Middle East. His research and teaching activities focus broadly on the intersection between strategy, organizational culture, and management control systems.

Sharala Axryd

Founder and CEO

CADS has been operative in Malaysia since 2015 and we have never stopped evolving to keep in step with technological trends within the digital landscape.

To collaborate and partner with CADS is to be part of the purpose CADS is driving. We are on a journey to be the first in establishing a global standard in data science analytics.

What we do matters. To have purpose means the things we do are of real value to others. CADS is its team which comprises passionate individuals with several years of experience, strong expertise and the desire and the ability to take intelligent risks. Thanks to this team, we have succeeded in growing and becoming what we are today. This is how we intend to move forward.

When we cooperate to build data-driven organizations that inspire, the potential to make a difference is limitless. True fulfilment comes not from ticking all the boxes but serving a bigger mission.

Accelerate your digital transformation today by connecting with us for all your technological and talent needs.

Speaking Engagement

Data Science Conference 2017 – Why is it important to be a data scientist

Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference KL 2018 – Keynote: Empowered Women Empower Women

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific program 2018 – Japan

EY World Entrepreneur of the Year – Monaco

Our Growth Story

  • 2014
  • CADS aimed to be the voice of Data Science & Analytics in ASEAN
  • 2015 & 2016
  • Strategic Partnerships with world leading institutions
  • 2017
  • Produced more than 1,000 data professionals
  • Advised government bodies & corporate entities from various verticals
  • 2018
  • With DATA STAR learn and transfer 200 + Fresh Graduate Data Professionals with the Industry
  • Implemented BOLT Capability to deliver organization wide transformation projects