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What are the top data science, analytics and AI skills you need to excel in your career?

No matter whether you are a newbie, just a beginner, have been in touch with computer science and technology in the past, or seeking to uncover business insights as an organization leader, we have personalized learning programs catered to you.

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Big Data Analytics 101 - Online course

The first big leap in your workforce data journey starts here.

Join over 1,000 learners who have enrolled since March 2020. Take the first big leap in your Data journey.

Big Data Analytics 101 provides a comprehensive introductory overview of Big Data and its technologies. Complete with insight into how large organizations have solved business problems, reduce costs, enhance customer loyalty & experience, effectively gaining competitive advantage against their competitors, using Big Data Analytics.

Complete online in 4 hours with certificate.

For Those Who Are New To Data, Analytics & AI

Start developing basic data science and analytics skills by learning the most fundamental skills such as using Microsoft Excel to make charts, visualize data with Tableau or Power BI. Then get trained to perform data presentation with Data Storytelling. 

Excel Analytics

Learn how to conduct business-based analysis and visualization using Microsoft Excel.

RM1,200 (3 days)

Data Vis

Data Visualization (Tableau)

Learn to communicate effective and impactful data-driven narratives, focusing on principles of compelling data storytelling with Tableau.

RM600 (1 day)

Data Vis

Data Visualization
(Power BI)

Learn to communicate effective and impactful data-driven narratives, focusing on compelling data storytelling principles with Power BI.

RM600 (1 day)

Data Storytelling

Learn how to conduct business-based analysis and visualization using Microsoft Excel.

RM1,200 (2 days)

For Beginner

Have learned some data presentations skills? Get more in depth learning on data science by learning the technical tools and systems used by beginner Data professionals to perform faster analytics, and automate tasks with Python. You will get to go through the whole framework to complete a data science project. 

Python for Analytics – Basic

Design and solve a simple data-related problem by writing a workable program using the basics.

RM2,100 (3 days)


Master advanced database design and implementation.

RM1,400 (2 days)

Introduction to Programming

Think like a programmer by breaking big problems into smaller ones and converting these byte-sized problems into code.

RM2,100 (3 days)


Learn to collect, summarize, visualize and explore raw data with statistical analysis for effective business decision-making.

RM1,400 (2 days)

Python for Analytics - Advanced

Design and solve more advanced data-related problems by writing a workable program
using Python libraries.

RM2,100 (3 days)

I am managing a Team

Making sense of data by looking at it from multiple angles is an essential skill to master as a leader. Get more from data presentations by asking smart questions and make arguments based on numbers and charts.

Able to effectively listen to a data store and expect more from presenters to make informed decisions.

I am into AI and system development!

Already have computer science skills and knowledge? It’s time to get more in depth understanding of Artificial intelligence. 

Introduction to Machine Learning

Gain a fundamental understanding of machine learning and model training methodologies.

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What our alumni have to say


“The beauty of this program is that it requires the trainees to get their hands dirty and do the actual work throughout the course. It is indeed very different from a lot of programs in the market which just produces a certificate in the end without the trainee actually able to do some real stuff.”
Kang Chin Chong
Data Insight Manager, AIG Enterprise Data Scientist Track (May 2018)
“The program was indeed very useful and informative. I met new colleagues in all kinds of categories. The instructors taught the subject well, answered questions and shared the important details in the topic.”
Mohd Azahari b Yaakub
Senior DBA, Enterprise Data Analyst Track (May 2018)


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