Master Data To Solve Your Business Problems and Accelerate Business Growth

Master data science to solve business problems and accelerate growth.

Business leaders in the digital age Master Data science and Learn from the best to accelerate business growth Whether businesses of today realize it or not, the reality is that everything is connected by data, understood with analytics, and automated with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Please don’t take our word for us, but take heed that … Read more Master Data To Solve Your Business Problems and Accelerate Business Growth

Get Closer To Customers With Data-Driven Strategies

get closer to customer with data-driven strategy

Customer Data Analytics is a business booster For years, mature data-driven organizations like Amazon, Netflix, and Sephora have been riding the data innovation wave. Technology leaders rise up the ranks when they successfully leverage predictive analytics tools to mine vast volumes of data. Turn your customers on with data-driven strategies In this data-driven era, by … Read more Get Closer To Customers With Data-Driven Strategies

FUTUREPROOF: Large Asian organizations need to futureproof themselves during the current pandemic and here’s why

Game-Changers for the Future of Work. Futureproof and Accelerate Digital Transformation
  1. Smartphone
  2. WiFi
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Voice assistants
  5. Bluetooth
  6. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  7. Bitcoin
  8. Blockchain
  9. Mp3
  10. Facial Recognition (or Computer Vision technology)
  11. Artificial Intelligence
  12. Drones
  13. DNA testing kit
  14. Quantum computing
  15. Social networking
  16. 3D printing
  17. Video streaming on-demand
  18. Music streaming on-demand
  19. Smart applications on mobile and connected electronics
  20. Autonomous vehicle
  21. RFID
  22. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies
  23. Video conferencing
  24. Ransomware
  25. Electronic cigerratte

Source: CNET

Futureproof Your Business to Stay Ahead

The year 2020 began with the Covid-19 global crisis, forcing unprecedented change upon leaders to maneuver into a new norm within their organizations.

During a major crisis like this, leaders must not miss opportunities to plan and execute differently to shape their organization’s culture to quickly embrace the new “Data-Driven Culture”.

Unfortunately, only 8 out of 10 companies found that the business adoption of Big Data and AI initiatives remains a major challenge.

Rapid technological advancement makes business leaders strive hard to stay up the innovation curve to remain competitive in the digital age. 

Scott Steinberg, author of the book Make Change Work For You mentions that discovering how to stay relevant is largely a process of consistently making simple, evolutionary changes versus chasing revolutionary leaps forward in business. 

Source: 7 Strategies to Help You Future-Proof Your Business

In a summary report by the Business for Peace Foundation, the firm recommends three ideas to future-proof businesses by adopting innovation. For example:

  1. Thinking outside of, and across, traditional sectors
  2. Challenging existing paradigms, industries, and truths
  3. Using technologies inclusively
  4. Collaborating across sectors and outside of our own comfort zones, including unlikely alliances

Initiate Data Culture Transformation to Futureproof Your Business

Change is inevitable, and never has it been more apparent than during this Covid-19 pandemic. Many organizations worldwide, large and small, struggle to cope with digital transformation, often at a more accelerated pace than they bargained for.

What used to take years is now happening to them at breakneck speed and compressed into mere months even, and many organizations, especially in Asia, aren’t fully prepared for the huge changes. Yet these changes will chart their future paths and revenue trajectory; therefore they can’t be ignored or swept under the carpet for a later day.

One fundamental change that is crucial for large organizations in the region is data culture transformation. In other words, it is imperative that they get their act together to foster and drive a data-driven culture. This is a necessary, sometimes challenging transformation such organizations need to undergo to futureproof themselves in a post-pandemic world.

Getting the Elephants to Dance

However, the reality is many of these “elephants” need to be taught to dance. Dancing is an acquired skill (yes, even for elephants) and not impossible, as Ms. Sharala Axryd of The Center of Applied Data Science and Harvard Business School’s Professor Dennis Campbell discuss in a recent interview.

In this interview, the two data experts discuss the essentials on the following:

  • The most profound impacts of technology on the business world today
  • The importance of data culture transformation
  • The importance of being agile in a post-pandemic world and why Asian organizations need to do it now
  • What level of readiness Asian leaders of organizations are currently at in terms of digital and data culture transformation and how they’re doing
  • The commitment level of such organizations towards data culture transformation and how they can successfully get to where they want to be

You will also learn the three key success factors for companies implementing digital transformation from watching the interview, apart from many other insights into cultivating a data-driven mindset and a successful digital transformation. Because as we all know, proper execution of a data-driven strategy is meaningless without an organization-wide, top-down cultural transformation.

Watch the video today and learn how you can help your organization attain that seemingly elusive digital and data culture transformation.

Data-Driven Organization Roadmap

Organizations need to develop a data-driven strategy to build an organization-wide data-driven culture and mindset to flourish and thrive.

We have identified 6 pillars of a data-driven organization and developed a comprehensive system to assess organizations’ data-driven maturity level.

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